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This poem originally appeared in Weird Tales in 2009. It will always have a soft spot in my heart because Ann VanderMeer was editing WT then, and I'd been desperate to sell her something since her Silver Web years. (She read a *lot* of crap from me, and she was always very kind.) The poem is also reprinted in my first collection, The Haunted Girl.

Lament for a One-Legged Lady

A mortician's daughter,
she always assumed
the empty cello case
in the secondhand store window
was a voluptuous coffin
propped open to release
the velvet-kissed ghost
of a one-legged lady.
She'd inch into the display
and rifle through the loose pages
of that lady's last will and testament,
tilt her head to listen
to the stale whispers
of sheet music.
As she pondered this foreign script,
the meaning of bereft and
blackened circles
trapped within lines,
she wondered where the corpse went,
half hoped it had escaped,
like these winged spheres
breaking free
of five brittle bars.


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It's come to my attention that my collection of short fiction and poetry, The Haunted Girl, has been nominated for the Elgin Award, which is given by the Science Fiction Poetry Association for best book of poetry published in a preceding year. I was not informed by SFPA of the nomination. I only learned my book was on their website's list of nominees when voting members requested review copies of the book for consideration.

I am honored by the nomination and grateful to the person(s) who nominated my book. As I understand the rules, however, my book is not actually eligible for this award. The description of the Elgin Awards provided on the SFPA website states, "Books containing fiction as well as poetry are not eligible." Because The Haunted Girl comprises 21 poems and 5 short stories, it would not seem to be eligible. I have notified the Chair of this year's Elgin Awards that I am declining the nomination and I've asked them to remove my book from the list of nominees.

Again, I am very grateful that someone considered my book award-worthy. Thank you. I hope that one of my future collections will be nominated for (and maybe even win!) an Elgin Award.
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Editor Mitchell Hart has posted the newest issue of Through the Gate, which includes my poem "Levity." A short, whimsical piece about what [ profile] asakiyume aptly terms "inconvenient miracles," this poem was loosely inspired by old photos of spiritualists. Also included are works by [ profile] popelizbet, [ profile] sovay, Bogi Takács, M Sereno, Neile Graham, and Sarah Page, in an ever-changing lineup that prompts the reader to consider connections between the works. Or maybe the Table of Contents is just tricksy and having fun!

At Lightspeed, [ profile] tithenai has reviewed three books from Aqueduct Press: [ profile] sovay's latest collection, Ghost Signs, Jenn Brissett's novel Elysium, and my collection, The Haunted Girl. Amal is very complimentary, which is thrilling in itself, but she also clearly "gets" my book. I wanted to hug these words: the collection’s core: resistance to norms, to imposition, be they of language, sexuality, or mortality. There is a sharpness, a sting to most of these poems, of the kind that makes you hiss and then seek it out again....I loved the collection’s bilingualism, both in the presence of Spanish and the musings on being between languages, on the thermodynamics of translation.

I am so grateful my work is out there, being read, being appreciated.

Now, back to work!


Dec. 26th, 2014 02:14 pm
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Something I've noticed and really appreciate in the reviews I've seen for The Haunted Girl--and I know, I said I wasn't reading reviews and I WASN'T but I've had to break down and at least skim some, for marketing reasons--is that folks are careful not to make assumptions about what and how much is autobiographical and what's fictional. It's hard to explain how grateful I am for that. Like a sunburn gone unslapped, a bruise unpressed, a chink in armor respectfully avoided.

When "The Skin-Walker's Wife" was first published, a few folks looked at me differently, as if I'd confessed something they weren't comfortable knowing.

I imagine all emotional writing is in some sense autobiographical, and for sure, I put a lot of myself into the individual works, not really thinking about what would happen when they were collected. And no doubt some critics would say that if I wasn't ready for folks to ask uncomfortable questions, I shouldn't have published. But (and so) I am really glad that readers have been more compassionate, and I hope that any uncertainty they feel, as to where the line between my memories and imagination falls, enriches their reading experience.
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The Goodreads giveaway for The Haunted Girl has ended. Thanks to everyone who entered or signal-boosted! I'll be sending out the winners' copies this week.

You'll have another chance to win a free copy of The Haunted Girl if you donate to the Strange Horizons fund drive. See the full list of most excellent prizes here. Donate here.

Strange Horizons has been a part of my literary landscape for almost 14 years--almost as long as I've been seriously writing and publishing. They've provided award-winning fiction, poetry, and reviews for free online while paying their contributors (including me!) pro rates. And now they also provide podcasts! I'd love to see them continue enriching and expanding our horizons for another 14 years, at the very least.
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Only 12 hours left to enter to win a FREE copy of my book, The Haunted Girl, via Goodreads! Spooky, sexy, and sometimes shocking, this collection of poetry and short fiction with a South Texas slant will keep your blood pumping through the cold winter months.

Enter now, or tell a friend!
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I am giving away two copies of my collection, The Haunted Girl, through Goodreads. Click the cover to enter the drawing! And please, spread the word!

haunted girl cover

This contest ends October 31, 2014 and is limited to Goodreads members in the US and Canada. If there's enough interest, I may do another giveaway that's open to (more) international readers.

You can also purchase the book directly from Aqueduct Press or Amazon.

And you can ask your public library to acquire the book. Requesting the book can be especially important if you believe your library collection needs more diversity!


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