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May is always a hectic, though usually pleasant time for our family. Last week, we attended the Rainbow Graduation ceremony at the university where JJ works. We didn't know anyone graduating, but we went to be supportive and to show our kid some positive role models. Ash was suitably impressed and is now working with eir school's gay-straight student alliance to organize some special recognition for the queer 8th graders "graduating" this year. Ash also turned 13 last week, so we took em to dinner and gave gifts. Eir school had its last dance-party of the year on Friday, so e went to that. Then over the weekend, we had a party in the park so Ash could celebrate eir birthday with friends. Then there was niceness on Mother's Day, including Ash's gift to me: a white elephant sculpture about 7 inches high.

This gift was especially meaningful because, on Friday, I finally got back to work on the historical elephant prose-poem-whatever I've been blocked on for months. As of this morning, I've drafted two of four (possibly 5) sections. It feels more "itself" than any previous version, so I'm hopeful that this time I've got it right. I may be able to get a complete draft by end of week, barring any more allergy-induced headaches.

This afternoon I have a dermatology appointment. Because at some point previously I decided I would FIX ALL
 THE THINGS WRONG WITH ME.  I am no longer so enthusiastic, but I suppose it's for my own good.  

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Torrential rains delivered a full month's worth of rain to our previously droughty part of Iowa. Only it did so in a single day, maybe not realizing it was doubling what we'd already gotten in the first two weeks of April. Our street flooded, which it never does. Our basement flooded, which it never does. But the street has storm sewers, unlike our basement, and our basement has carpet, unlike the street. So since Thursday, we have been vacuuming up water, and cutting and rolling wet carpet that reeks of reactivated cat-piss ghosts, and peeling carpet glue off linoleum and hauling stuff to the curb. All of this with the knowledge that even once the floor is clean and dry, we will need to tear down walls to repair leaks, and replace the flooring, and buy new furniture.

But you know what? My husband is hard-working, cheerful, and appreciative of my help. So I suppose if I must get gross, sweaty, and sore with someone in a completely unsexy way, I'm glad it's him.
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Friday: big storm that kept us all awake and then killed our power for 2 hours; suffered a massive headache centered on my third eye; only stayed awake because my rock dj was having an even worse day than I was: "Every time the pilot light goes out," he said, "I have to go  re-light it." His way of explaining why the station kept cutting out two and three times per song. I don't think it was any accident that he played "I Hate My Life" and "She eff'n Hates Me" back to back. For Family Film Night: the Emperor's New Groove. "Llama-face!"

Saturday: Woken by another big storm, this one wiped out our internet for three days; met my freeform crit group at the ungodly hour of 10 am to discuss first 15 pages of my novel and someone else's poetry. Had a mild meltdown in the car when my buddy drove me home, completely unrelated to the crit session. Ranted and raved about all the crap that's been getting past my emotional armor lately. Took a nap, felt a tad saner. Attempted to watch My Bloody Valentine 3D at home, got disgruntled about the logistics, reverted to 2D, enjoyed myself way too much.

Sunday: SLEPT. Slept in late, in fact. Began to feel slap-happy from sleep dep, rather than bugs-under-my-skin jittery. Tagged along when J installed stuff on a friend's computer. Mourned my internet loss. Informed Tweetie that the correct response when a friend says, "My, you look pretty today," is not "I know," but instead, "Thank you." Discussed with her the difficulty of apologizing when you know you've been a jerk. Bought silverware, which is actually stainless steel.

And how was YOUR weekend?


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