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There's a crow conference being held down my street. Some crows are doing that clicking purr in their throat, sounding disdainful or disappointed. Maybe just tsking that the meeting is starting late. Other crows are cawing, as if to drive off curious onlookers. At least one has learned to honk. I like the crows, but I try not to stare. They are like the mafia of the avian world, and they have long memories.

I may have found a way to keep the kitchen table clean and uncluttered: Bribery. Tweetie loves to eat by candlelight, even if we have the overhead fixture on as well. So I've told her if she helps me keep the table clear, we can have candlelight more often. So far, so good.

I had been doing LetterMo, then I got really sick and gave up, but now that I'm mostly recovered, I've realized I'm not that far off track. Granted, I haven't gotten to the mailbox every day, but I've sent multiples at a time, so number-wise, I'm close. And I have received some really fabulous mail.

Our family started watching Teen Wolf on Netflix. I think it's hilarious--really, the "dramatic" shots of Derek suddenly looming in the moonlight, then gone in the blink of an eye? It helps that he looks like every broody dude on the cover of a paranormal romance. And I LOVE Stiles. I just want to rub his fuzzy head and clap a hand over his motormouth. 
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Today I saw five bald eagles sitting together in a couple of trees on the Iowa River. That's the most I've ever seen at once, and I've never seen them "congregated" like that.

Today I wrote my first poem in my new monsoon journal. I filled up my previous journal just before Christmas (though I did have to cut out a bunch of blank pages so it would close (more or less)). I'd done some art journaling in the new book, but I was feeling twitchy about writing in it ("it's too beautiful for my stupid scribbles") until this morning, when I had most of a long poem for [ profile] diatryma lready composed in my head. What the hell, I thought, and jumped right in.

I started watching American Horror Story n Netflix, and I like it. For one, any show that averages two double-homicides per episode is alright by me. Srsly, I think I've counted 8 instances of multiple murder and I just finished episode 3. I really love that the female lead, played by Connie Britton, is allowed to look more or less her age, and that the daughter, Violet, is both as merciless as only a teenager can be, but also vulnerable and honest. Although I have "issues" with the character of Addie and the Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? -ness of Jessica Lange, they're minor quibbles until I see how things unfold. I just now noticed, there are a lot of women on the show, which is refreshing. The only other show I watch with a comparable number of women characters is Once Upon a Time, which is on Netflix and family friendly, so we've been working through season 1.

Tweetie is on a media binge. She received a set of the Case Closed dvds from her dad for Christmas, and she regularly disappears for hours to watch the anime mysteries. She also received a digital camera from...someone...and has been shutterbugging around the house. We're both amused by her two-minute videos of the mundane, me because how much can you say about stray cat toys and our bulletin board; her because of the cognitive dissonance between her recorded voice and the voice she normally hears. Also, JJ updated her laptop (which used to be my laptop (Cherry Pie)), and now she is playing games with much less frustration.

I've been fiddling with my LJ theme, and am once again grateful for my hacker husband, who can carry out  orders like, "Get rid of all the friggin' pink!" I need to add a sticky note to the home page, but I'm terrible at writing bios and profiles, so it'll take me a while to figure out what to say. Suggestions (even silly ones) are welcome. :) I'd also like a more fitting mood theme, so if you have recommendations as to where to find good/weird ones, I'd love to see 'em.
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I'm delighting in this, our first real snowfall of the winter. It's been seriously, uncannily warm. Earlier this week we had record-breaking highs. Now we've got a good three inches to five inches on the ground, and it's still blowing around. It's reassuring. Also, it feels good on my feverish skin.

For about an hour now, this hawk has been hunched in our front tree, picking at a meal. I thought it might be a bird, the way s/he kept looking over its shoulder. (Incidentally, the house in the background looks almost exactly like our house, except we've got more going on in our yard.)

I sat watching and tweeting in awe until [ profile] asakiyume asked if I had a camera. I took these photos from our front window because I worried if I opened the front door to get a good shot, the hawk would fly off. But the zoom let me get a better look at his meal. 

Looks like a rodent after all. And now hawk is gone, having stripped all the good stuff from the bones.

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On my bus ride home, I saw the most beautiful glitter-green 'Vette coiled curvy as a dragon in someone's dark garage. I thought it should be outside, preening in the unseasonably warm sunshine, but then, it might blind someone in all its viridescent glory.

Downtown, after my writing date with SarahP, I saw the crow-mitigation balloons and streamers in the trees of the Ped Mall. Some of the balloons already look deflated (beak stabbed?), but truth to tell, I can't imagine these things fool the crows even under optimum (for mitigation) circumstances.

The foil streamers are pretty, though. They look like jumbo versions of the tinsel I saw strewn in the grass near the curb on my street. The tinsel is inching away from a discarded Christmas tree, like shiny cilia seeking out a new home. I wish them luck!

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tear-drinking moth
won't wait for tragedy:
barbed proboscis

Madagascan moth sipping from sleeping bird's eye. Cross-posted to tumblr.



Jul. 18th, 2010 09:14 pm
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the summer-browned boy
         stalks the white egret
              down the sidewalk,
                   long legs flexing--
                        sundial needle
                             and shadow--
                                knobby knees
                                   creaking patience,
                                        wingspan still an

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Belligerent pigeons
swagger closer, addict-eyed,
to the cafe patio.
The boy curls an arm
around his loose tobacco
and rolls faster.

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in the dark of
the mews, the vulture spreads
her wings, six feet of tamed night and

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Morning, Sunshine

sleepy busboy
collects coffee cups
eyes closed

a couple bustles
by the patio, boasting

BONUS poem-a-day:

geese honk overhead
mocking our porta-potties'
turd-brained formation
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on her belly
and lightening her wings
the pigeon simply flies
but her silhouette sings


I'm in Madison for WisCon, thanks to [ profile] charmingbillie. I've got my laptop and wireless, so poem-a-day shall continue.

Last night I saw the star of today's poem. Also, bubble bath was achieved. And I watched part of one of the Hostel movies (they'll show anything on SyFy these days, won't they?).  And I actually got some sleep!

Right now the plan is to get dressed, get out, and maybe take a tour of this big honking white building outside my hotel. I think it's a greek badger mausoleum. Then lunch and on to The Gathering!

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Doves demurely fret
their way into my dreams
of giant, lazy birds
flapping muslin-colored wings.
Sunlight spears my eyelids
and I squint up at trees:
my dress balloons in a pin oak
my bra winks in the breeze.

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cardinals bluff
and bluster

plastic chickens
drop gumballs

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soft-hearted maple
offers scarlet bouquets:
honeymoon tweet


The other day my buddy was telling me about an argument he had with one of his parents.

"And then," he said, cringing, "I said the worst thing you can ever say to your parent."

"What?!" I said, astounded. "You said 'I hate you'?"

"No!" he said, scandalized.

"You said 'I wish you were dead"?"


"Then, honey, you didn't say the worst thing. Not by a long shot."

Whereupon we hugged.

"This," he said, "is why we're friends."

"Because I'm evil?"

So, you want me to be your friend for the same reason shallow people like to hang out with folks they deem less attractive: to look good in comparison. No matter how awful you think you've been, I can describe--in detail!--greater depths of depravity.

You're welcome!

BPAL scent of the day: Kill-Devil
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robins and windchimes
a symphony outscreamed
the sky so blue

cafenowhere: abby from TV show NCIS, eyes closed, listening to music (abby dreaming)

Forgive me, dove,
how glad I am to hear
your sad song.

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Halcyon, dead, drifts
on the waves. The sea heaves,
sickly dreaming.

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the crow spirals
over the snowy lawn
like a discus thrower, flinging
his soul


Title from Walt Whitman's "A Noiseless Patient Spider"


Feb. 13th, 2010 08:12 am
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bird tracks in snow:
the right weight, a primed canvas
lasting impression


The Gossip

Feb. 9th, 2010 09:03 am
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squeal with surprise:
your hair in braids!



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